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The Best Gym Equipment

We at Mi:Strength have a simple mission: to supply the highest quality exercise equipment on the market.

Everything we produce is designed by an experienced team before being built here in the UK using only the best materials available. The whole look and feel of our equipment is designed to ensure you have that singular pleasure of seeing and feeling ‘quality’ every time you use it.

That’s why our gym equipment is of better value than many other brands. We don’t cut any corners, using all of our industry and technical expertise to create equipment that maximises workout performance.

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A Considered Approach to Training and Fitness

The team behind Mi:Strength has over 20 years of experience in the gym industry, supplying home and commercial gyms.

Over the last few decades, we’ve tried and tested almost every piece of gym equipment on the market – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Gym equipment for home use has become ever more popular, including amongst many who are new to its use. Quite often, however, users find that the items they bought, which looked great initially at an attractively low price, soon fail them.

Such equipment can rapidly deteriorate as shiny chrome coatings chip, badly made joints wear and paddings perish.

Mi:Strength saw that, despite all the options available, people were still crying out for excellent equipment that would stay strong for users over many years. We saw that there is a need for strong, reliable, modular gym equipment that is not only safe but extremely appealing and resilient.

That’s why we started Mi:Strength – to create excellent gym equipment for those looking for the best.


A Proudly British Company

Most gym equipment is designed and manufactured outside of the UK. While this saves money for big businesses, it leads to lower quality builds that cost more to be shipped.

Mi:Strength is designed and built right here in the UK with huge passion, care, and attention to detail.

Our assembly specialists add their own personal initials to every completed item as a mark of pride and careful work. In the unlikely event that a fault is found with a particular Mi:Strength item, you can not only come back to the company but to a particular assembly specialist who assembled your particular item.

That is what quality and service is all about.

Another benefit of choosing British is reduced carbon emissions, which is hugely important in the modern world.

By choosing British-made products instead of those shipped from places like China, you’re drastically reducing your impact on the environment.

Another way to cut our emissions is to increase the lifespan of manufactured items so that less carbon is emitted per year of use.

We know that Mi:Strength equipment will last for many more years than our competitors, remaining in good, safe and functional condition. Also, parts that do inevitably wear out, like bearing pins, can be readily replaced.


Why Choose Mi:Strength Gym Equipment?

We are confident that all Mi:Strength equipment is the best in its class. Here’s why:

  • Intuitive Design – Our kit goes through a thorough design process to ensure it performs to the highest standard. We are constantly redesigning our products to ensure they are optimised for quality and performance.
  • Detailed Builds – Our equipment is designed and built down to the most minute detail. Every corner, screw and bolt is considered to produce the best level of performance before being assembled and installed by experts with a passion for their work.
  • Unbeatable Quality – We only use the highest-quality components across our range. We want our equipment to last longer than anything else you can buy.
  • Thorough Testing – Everything we produce is thoroughly tested before being sold. If we think we can still improve on a design or build, we will.

Mi:Strength only offers premium gym equipment. Thanks to an incredibly detailed design, build and testing process, we are proud to offer gym equipment of the highest quality.

Explore our range of home, commercial and bespoke gym equipment today, or if you would like to know more, please contact us. We are happy to discuss our excellent products with you to create the perfect kit for your needs.


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