MiStrength Collective

The Mi:Strength Collective

Our exclusive collective compiles examples of our handcrafted equipment being used by industry professionals. Each member is handpicked based on their vast knowledge and experience with various gyms. Additionally, they experience our products in action to evaluate and comment on our latest equipment. We provide this collective to demonstrate the power and luxury that each piece of equipment can bring to a commercial or bespoke gym.

Paul Ryman Fitness

Personal Trainer | Triathlon Coach
2019 Sprint Triathlon World Champion

Ironman Finisher x5
“Having used squat racks in my studio in the past, I decided on adding something that gives me the same strength training platform but offers me a bit more diversity in the extra training options I can offer to my clients.”
ryan fitness with mi:strength rig
the rig in a commercial gym


“The Mi:Strength free standing rig has been a fantastic edition to my private personal training studio, allowing me the same lifting zones as 2 racks but with the added options for suspension and functional training disciplines. MiStrength offered a full installation service which I took them up on and I have found the rig and attachments to be made to the highest specification. My clients have really enjoyed the variety of training I can give them and I will hopefully be investing in more kit going forward.”


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