The MiStrength Incremental Plate Storage Horn is the most straight forward of plate storage attachments and fits on any upright leg of our rig/ rack and storage ranges. Our heavy duty and functional design includes a stainless steel end capped horn that is highly wear resistant, aids longevity, and gives it an immensely strong modular structure. This is part of a range of storage options, including a 300kg olympic plate toaster shelf, kettlebell shelf, battle rope/ band horns and bar holders accommodating up to 8 bars. This storage horn will withstand the heaviest of use and with the high shine finish, your incremental plates will be safely stored for years to come. The apertures in the connection plate are spaced at 60mm intervals to allow even fitment on both the bespoke Titan shelving legs and Titan functional legs to allow them to be added to rigs or racks.

The horn can only be specified in heavy grade stainless steel but the mount can come in a huge range of colours and textures.

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Our Incremental Plate Horn is designed to give a heavy duty storage option to customers who want to store their incremental plates on the upright legs of their storage units, rigs or racks. The heavy duty steel construction assists in giving a robust and secure structure on which a full set of incremental plates can be added. The storage horn is built for strength and will easily handle the heavy duty use of the most demanding home and commercial venues.

The storage horn has several apertures at 60mm spacings allowing the easy fitment to both our super heavy duty shelving units and rig/ rack designs at heights desired by the customer. This gives bespoke options for a multitude of different uses. Due to wear, this horn is available in stainless steel only but the attachment bracket can be ordered in a huge range of colours and textures.


MiStrength products are fully customisable, built to the highest specification and designed to last. Constructed from robust 5mm heavy gauge plate and 48mm x 3mm stainless steel tubing, it can withstand the heavy use of any domestic or commercial environment. The storage horn can be secured to the legs using M18 blackened heavy duty  fasteners.

Package includes:

1 x Incremental Plate Horn

2 x M18 Blackened HT steel bolts/ washers/ HX nuts


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