The MiStrength 940mm Outrigger is a bespoke addition to any of our Titan rigs or racks. Our heavy duty and functional design bolts directly on to any Titan upright to allow you to add ring, rope, punchbag and TRX brackets which will add a huge diversity to your training. Whether you are training your core, chest or back, this addition will exceed your expectations. As with all our products, this can be custom specified in a huge range of colours or a galvanised finish for outdoor use. The associated brackets and fasteners shown are not included.



Our 940mm Outrigger is designed to be attached to any Titan product. This gives a robust and secure rig/ rack extension from which a bespoke series of exercises can be performed. As we are using a modular system with a heavy duty steel construction, it can be moved or added at any height on the leg and relocated without any trouble.

The Outrigger itself has apertures down its entire length allowing the associated attachment brackets to be placed at 60mm intervals. This gives bespoke options for width and size allowing a multitude of exercises. As with all of our custom products, this is available in a huge range of colours and finishes, including galvanisation for use outdoors.



MiStrength products are fully customisable, built to the highest specification and designed to last. Constructed from 5mm heavy gauge steel plate with robust 3mm x 80mm tubing, they can withstand the heavy use of any domestic or commercial environment. The Outrigger is secured to the upright using 5 mm heavy duty steel plate and 2 x M18 blackened steel fasteners. We have also added 2 x 5mm webbs to increase strength and therefore safety and will withstand the heaviest of use. Galvanising is used for outdoor use and solely powder coating for indoor use.

Package includes:

1 x Titan 940mm Outrigger attachment

2 x M18 Blackened or Zinc Coasted HT Bolts, Washers and Hex Nuts

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Dimensions N/A

Indoor, Outdoor


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