The MiStrength Titan Folding Studio Rack is part of our Titan rack series. With a height to suit all users, our heavy duty and functional design will exceed your training requirements within a compact space. Fold and roll away when not in use, or unfold for a heavy duty, fully commercial studio rack. With the screw in pull up bar, it tightens and braces the frame allowing you to perform a multitude of options from stretching and back exercises to attaching TRX and band sets. It also comes with a pair of J hooks for use with squating, pressing and lunging routines. With a multitude of bespoke Titan attachments to adapt it to your preferred training requirements, it really is the ultimate in customisable equipment. Using our rack will give you the confidence to push yourself further than you ever though possible and achieve goals beyond your expectations. As with all our products, this can be custom specified in a huge range of colours. A pair of Mistrength M18 Magnetic Pins are included.

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Our Titan Folding Studio Rack is fully modular and designed to be used with all of our Titan attachments. This gives a robust and secure frame from which your selection of exercises can be performed. As with all our rigs and racks, we have used a heavy duty steel construction which can handle the heaviest of use without issue. This leads to longevity and allows as to offer a lifetime frame warrantee. This was designed with a studio or shared use facility in mind. It has a rear folding cross beam that uses a synchronizing mechanism to control the uprights while opening and closing the rack and a bracing pull up bar that tightens the structure. This uses the same 80mm box section as all our other racks giving it a full commercial usage.

The legs themselves have numbered holes down its entire length allowing the associated attachments to be located at 60mm intervals. This gives bespoke options for height and orientation allowing a multitude of exercises. As with all of our custom products, this is available in a huge range of colours and finishes.



MiStrength products are fully customisable, built to the highest specification and designed to last. Constructed from 8mm and folded 5mm heavy gauge steel plate with robust 3mm x 80mm box section, they can withstand the heavy use of any domestic or commercial environment. If required, the rack can be secured to your surfaces using 4 x M10 concrete fasteners. We have also added a pull up bar to increase structural strength and therefore safety and it will withstand the heaviest of use. Comes in a wide choice of colours and finishes.

Package includes:

2 x Titan 2200mm Legs

1 x Titan Pull-up Bar with tighteners

2 x Titan Foot Beams with Wheels

1 x Titan 1100mm Folding Cross Beam

4 x Titan 8mm Bracing Plates

2 x Titan J Hooks

2 x M18 Magnetic Pins

2 x M12 Magnetic Pins

14 x M18 Blackened high tensile Bolts/ Nuts/ Washers


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Dimensions 140 × 130 × 220 cm

Indoor, Outdoor


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