The MiStrength Magnetic Pin is used to secure our Titan range of attachments and folding racks. As the Titan range use a M18 diameter this is, to our knowledge, the largest magnetic pin on the market and custom made in-house using the best materials available. If you are lifting big, there is no replacement for heavy gauge stainless steel to keep you safe and give you confidence to excel.

Our folding racks use our magnetic M12 pins for the ultimate in strength and safety which gives you peace of mind when pushing yourself to the max. It gives us the structural regidity required while also allowing a smooth and straightforward operation of the folding mechanism.



Our Magnetic Pin is designed to be used along side the top location pin to safely secure all attachments and mechanisms to our Titan racks and rigs. It is designed to promote ease of operation while giving maximum strength, safety and longevity within any operation.

The aluminium handle is ergonomically designed at the right size for grip but not large enough to interfere with surrounding actions and both pins vary in diameter and length to make operation as easy as possible.



MiStrength products are fully customisable, built to the highest specification and designed to last. Constructed from marine quality, heavy gauge stainless steel bar with robust ergonomic sculptured aluminium handle, they can withstand the heavy use of any domestic or commercial environment.

The solid stainless steel pin is shaped and comes with a high precision machined conical tip which guarantees user safety and will withstand the heaviest of use. We have added a custom magnet that is strong enough to hold in the roughest of environments but still be removed with little effort. The logo end plates are machined from 1mm stainless steel sheet with the internal plate powder coated for a perfect and even finish, all held together with the latest 3M technology.


Package includes:

1 x Magnetic pin

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18mm, 12mm


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